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Once we get a handle on the physical aspects of the disease, the danger to slack off arises.  Attention must be paid to the mental and emotional aspects of the disease.  Negative  emotional or mental binging can push us toward a drink faster than a physical craving.   Now that we have begun to be settled with the past, this Step anchors us in the present.

All inventories are alike in principle, but the time factor distinguishes one from another.

1.  Spot-check inventory. This is taken at any time during the day when we feel we are getting all tangled up mentally.

2.  End of the day inventory. Here we try to balance the activities of the day-positive and negative.

3.  Periodic inventory. This is the updating that takes place during out frequent talks with our sponsor, spiritual advisor, or fellow members.

4.  Annual or semiannual inventory. This is a general housecleaning, an updating of Step Four.

This practice is a valuable tool to maintain a happy and balanced recovery.  Discipline is required to establish the habit of inventory taking, but once established it becomes easier and automatic.

“IT is in man’s nature he does not stay put.”


The times we seem to be sitting still are the times when are are filtering and assessing the ideas and values we pick up in AA.

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