We Ask for Spiritual and physical strength to execute His will.

Suggestions for self-study or Group Discussion:

The “twenty-four-hour” idea is often difficult for the alcoholic to get a handle on. We know God’s will if we can stay in the moment.

If I stay in today, I have much less anxiety. When I look into the future it increases my anxiety. It is my belief that most anxiety disorders are because people are uncomfortable with the feelings they are experiencing from worry about the future or about something that hasn’t happened. Our addict brain screams to be taken away from uncomfortable feelings, most of which are in our mind when we are projecting what MAY happen in the future. If we stay in the moment, truly present in the moment, we won’t experience anxiety about the future.

To truly be in the moment, notice your breath after you sit down in a chair. If you are walking up the stairs, pay attention to each step. That is being in the moment.

I tell clients that when I wake up in the morning, I choose to be sober for that day. I can handle 24 hours and that is all I need to handle. That is possible.