Monday, March 29, 2010

“Opinions cannot survive if one
has no chance to fight for them.”
— Thomas Mann

An opinion is worth fighting for, and I have opinions on a great number
of subjects — as a result of sobriety.

Drugs have a tendency to make insane remarks appear brilliant; the
drunk is always the unsung poet or victimized genius when he is “in
alcohol”. I did not have opinions when I was drinking but rather a series
of chaotic and incoherent reactions.

But today I have considered opinions. I am able to think and make decisions. I am able to make a contribution to life and the world in which I live. I am involved.

More than this, today I have the spiritual confidence to fight for what I
believe and “speak out” my concerns in love. Today I am alive and I
love it — also I love me.

Let me always hear the opinions of others but not fail to express my