Domestication and the Dream of the Planet

“What you are seeing and hearing right now is nothing but a dream. Dreaming is the main function of the mind, and the mind dreams twenty-four hours a day.”

As I embarked on this Journey through the book “The Four Agreements”, I have been introduced to concepts, the newest I will be talking about is dreams.

Don Miguel Luiz starts Chapter 1 out with information regarding the dream world. As I read this everything in me screams out, no this can’t be. I’ve been doing all this soul work, not taking things personally, paying attention to the power of my words, to find out that it is all a dream!

He goes on to say that humans are dreaming all the time. That before us, humans created the big outside dream, called Society’s dream, the dream of the planet. Much like Jungian Psychology’s Collective unconscious. It is from the dream of the planet that we have smaller dreams; dreams of the family, the community, a city, a country and all of humanity. Dreams of the planet include all of society’s rules, beliefs, religions, different cultures, ways to be, governments, social events and holidays.

We are born into this world with the capacity to learn how to dream. It is just part of our natural makeup. We are programmed, to use modern terminology to dream, with all the data and software already loaded. When a baby is born the collective unconscious uses Mom’s, Dad’s, schools, religions, etc. to hook the baby’s attention, depending on what paradigm we look at it from. Don Miguel Luiz states that “attention is the ability we have to discern and to focus only on that which we want to perceive. With our attention, we learned a whole reality, a whole dream. The whole dream Included all the knowledge we need to live in this world; society’s rules and code of conduct are a part of this dream.

We learn to hook the attention of other people and this goes on into adulthood. We say look at me, look at what I accomplished. Notice me and when that doesn’t happen, we can respond not as that adult but as the child who didn’t get enough attention. Attention is very competitive.

I talk to you about dreams as I ‘dream them’. I have been so needy, wanting attention, notice me, notice me; look what I did, acknowledge me, and watch out if you don’t. Which brings me right back to square one, creating my own suffering. My soul-need is bottomless.

As children growing up we don’t have the opportunity to choose our beliefs. They are chosen for us by the caregivers in our life. However, if we don’t agree to these beliefs, the information isn’t stored in our memories. We have to have agreement. This is what Don Miguel Luiz calls faith. As soon as we agree, we believe it, and this is called faith.

When I was growing up I agreed to certain beliefs within my family and community. Some of those beliefs were about what girls are supposed to do, what success looked like for young girls as they journey into womanhood. I had faith that what my parents taught me was the ‘truth.’ As a I grew into adolescence, my perceptions changed, my paradigm shifted. I started to rebel, I started to see the world differently in terms of what girls could do and achieve in the larger dream world. I made the choice to go college and pursue a career, to work outside the home. This was a dream shift. There were consequences for this shift. I lost the approval of some important people and embarked on a new journey of proving to those I loved that I could do this and be successful. Again, seeking attention. I craved approval.

When we don’t go along with the programming or domestication, a reward and punishment system is ingrained within each dream world, culture. There are a number of ways this is done. The one I touch on is the withdrawal of approval. So many of us then spend a good portion of our lives seeking that approval that was taken from us.

I sit on a plane, on my way to Phoenix, getting further away from some of the insanity that I created as of late. I’m able to see how my expectations, my need for attention has been contributing to my unrest, to my suffering.

I have accomplished a lot this past year, both professionally and personally. I have come through some dark times, spiritual realizations and letting go of illusions. I have been praised and thanked by many. However, I craved the attention, the praise from one person. My perception that I did not get this led me down that path of discontent. The path of discontent I created by taking things personally in my self-centered, me, me world. When I was caught up in the murky attention seeking behavior it is difficult to see through the muddied waters. Stepping out of the fish bowl; standing outside and looking in, I could see what I was doing to myself. I asked myself, “Does it really matter if I get acknowledged by this person?” The answer is; it would be nice, but it is not necessary. What is necessary is that I know my truth. That I acknowledge it.

I will reflect, dream and dream some more on this vacation from my own creation of hell. I already feel some peace and I’m sure that those few fine, gracious friends who have listened to me rant and rave are so glad I’m finding peace because that will grant them the same.

To those friends, I say thank you and SWEET DREAMS.