Our great need is loss of self-centeredness and alcoholic obsession.

Wisdom is the ability to perceive alternatives. In our alcoholic thinking we insisted that only we knew what was good for us. When we decide to turn our will and lives over, we make a declaration of independence. We declare our freedom from the chains of our self-centered ego and the unrelenting demands of self-will. When we decide that God is god and we are not, we begin to receive the wonderful future that has been planned for us.

A Delcaration of Independence; what a fabulous idea That will be my mission this week. I have almost 27 years of sobriety, and I’ve been on a renewed spiritual journey as of late. Working the 12 Steps with vigor and with a new set of eyes. I like the idea of declaring freedom from the chains of the self-centered ego. My ego has been in over-drive. It has been insidious and disguised, using treachery, taking over my entire being. Some disguises look and feel like this; self-pity, victimized behavior, anger, martyrdom, physical illness, etc. need I say more?

I do have the belief that things happen for a reason and due to this belief, have been searching, sharing, and seeking answers through prayer and meditation. It has come back to the ego or the illusion of said ego, in one way or another. It may be framed differently, but it seems that is what gets all humans in precarious predicaments. So, as I start studying Step Three again, I have decided to write my own “Declaration of Independence”, and I urge you to do the same.

Please share it with us on this blog.