By KWiz Running Toward The Wild Woman! – Part 1

We are continuing our study of Women Who Run with the Wolves. Last week’s discussion centered around the importance of using stories to begin the work of reclamation of our souls. We continue, then, with a story Dr. Estes entitles “La Loba.”

La Loba

“There is an old woman who lives in a hidden place that everyone knows in their souls but few have ever seen…She calls herself…La Loba, Wolf Woman.

“She creeps and crawls and sifts through the…mountains…and…dry riverbeds, looking for wolf bones, and when she has assembled an entire skeleton, when the last bone is in place and the beautiful white sculpture of the creature is laid out before her, she sits by the fire and thinks about what song she will sing…

“…she stands over the criatura, raises her arms over it, and sings out…sings some more…sings more and the wolf creature begins to breathe…and as she sings, the wolf opens its eyes, leaps up, and runs away…suddenly transformed into a laughing woman who runs free toward the horizon…

“So remember, if you wander the desert, and it is near sundown, and you are perhaps a little bit lost, and certainly tired…La Loba may take a liking to you and show you…something of the soul.”