The Alcoholic’s future security depends on the successful attainment of AA as a way of life.

Functioning in an alcohol-free lifestyle is possible, even though we fear that or this lifestyle will be boring. Boredom is a form of conceit. When we are bored we are saying, Okay life, you are not doing your job of keeping me entertained. This thinking can poison our attitude and take us back to the point where our addiction seems like the only way out of that boredom.

I hear this often from clients; they fear they will be bored when sober. I had a plaque for many years that hung in my kitchen that said: “Boredom is the product of a lazy mind.” There is so much one can do but we have gotten used to life entertaining us. When I was growing up, I had to use my imagination to have fun. I didn’t have all the gadgets, games, etc. I didn’t watch TV often. I was fortunate and learned how to enjoy the outdoors, how to create my own fun. I think  we need to get back to the part of ourselves that can do this. The creative spirit within is where a wealth of fun ideas are waiting to come out to play.

Are you bored today? If so, what are you going to do about it?