Gratitude continues the miracle of our sobriety.

There are many adjustments to be made in our recovery.  We are careful how we judge our progress.  The program provides us with a new pair of glasses to see our new world.  Those glasses are uncomfortable to us at first.  We slowly learn in recovery to count our blessings and work toward an “attitude of gratitude.”

Recently I was reminded of my vision.  I did get a new pair of glasses and I struggled with adjusting to the new lens.  They seemed distorted.  I had to take my glasses back and indeed, one lens was slightly off.  This threw off my entire vision.  I was able to compare this to my daily recovery.  Some days how I view situations and events is slightly off.  I have to go back to the drawing board, consult with my Highter Power and adjust my attitude, my vision and my thinking.  One way I do that is practicing an “attitude of gratitude.”

How do you adjust your vision?