A quality of mind which enable us to deal with the problems and realities of life without reliance on alcohol.
Courage is what makes us do the right thing even when nobody else is doing it. We can find happiness while surrounded by darkness. We can be loving in the middle of hate and envy. We can be serene when surrounded by chaos, fear and anger. “Let truth and faith give me courage, so that when fear knocks, no one is there.”

I’m watching the playoffs between the Vikings and Saints. I’m a Vikings fan and tend to get passionate about my team. With passion comes nerves. I was talking with my husband and said this is when I need something like Xanax, in the past it would have been alcohol. Of course, as a joke. Then I read Key idea #12 on Courage. It stated we could face realities without alcohol! I have to watch this playoff game without being medicated. On a serious note. It is great to be watching this game and enjoying it without alcohol.